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Hello friends-

I am working with my mp3 files and have cleaned up a LOT with artist names, album art, etc and have been transferring songs onto my mp3 player, but I have been having this issue with many artists.

For example, I have 43 songs by The 5th Dimension, and when I transfer the files onto my mp3 player (Sandisk), when I select "Artists" The 5th Dimension has 2 entries- 1 has 42 songs and the other has "Up, Up and Away". This problem occurs on more than one artist.

I've emailed Sandisk, and their reply was to right click the file, check properties, then make certain that the Artist and Contributing Artist fields are typed in exactly the same. I've done this, but the problem still persists.

I created this screenshot and rearranged the columns to show the tag column source. Thanks in advance for any ideas on how I can fix this!!

Does this player have a database or cache that needs to be emptied?
What happens, if you rename the file that does fit just a little and import it again?
If all that does help:
show us the extended tags dialogue of a file that is OK and one that is not (Press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue)

My mp3 device is new, and I don't think there is a buildup of cache that I've done thus far.
Below are the alt T screenshots of the problem child "Up Up and Away" and an alt T screenshots of a good song, "Love's Lines......"
up up and away

loves lines.....

Thank you!!!

Make sure there are no trailing blank spaces in any field.
You could use the $trim function.

Building on that idea:
One could filter for such files:
"$if($eql($len(%artist%),$len($trim(%artist%))),1,0)" IS "0"

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Thank you ryerman and ohrenkino- I am very new to this site and am not sure how to do scripting, I'll have to look at the tutorial and maybe try on one song first. :pensive:

You can simply copy the filter expression and paste it in the filter input box.

Good Morning- so sorry to be a bother since I'm a newbie.

So, if I copy the command

"$if($eql($len(%artist%),$len($trim(%artist%))),1,0)" IS "0"

and paste it under tag-filename in the format string area, then click OK, it will show me what files are problems that need to be fixed? I hope I am doing this correctly, is there an undo function if I make a mistake? I've worked so hard getting my tracks together that I am afraid of messing up my files.

Thanks again! You've all be very helpful to me!

No - that is a

(Press F3 repeatedly to see where the filter box is)
That should show you all the tracks with added blanks. It does not modify anything.

I opened mp3 tag, selected all files (4,944 songs), and pressed F3, and nothing showed up. Perhaps I need to be in a different screen when I push F3. Having trouble finding this filter input box. Sorry, and thanks for your patience!!!

Hey I think I figured something out. When I press F3, the screen is blank, but there is a filter command line at the bottom. So when I copy and pasted the command from above, a selection of about 40 songs show up. Now what is wrong with these? Is there an added space before or after the title?

Also, my trouble file, 5th Dimension Up, Up and Away didn't make the filter, and that was the original problem file.


Here is a screenshot of the filter screen, the songs and artists don't have a space before or after.....

The filter expression uses the field ARTIST.
(You said that the artists do not group together properly.)

To get rid of the extra blanks in ARTIST
select all the filtered files, then use
Convert>Tag-Tag for ARTIST
Format string: $trim(%artist%)

Remove and apply the filter again - and no further file should appear

Perhaps your player uses the tagfield ALBUMARTIST instead of ARTIST to group and your albumartist-tag has a trailing blank space.
So change %artist% to %albumartist% in the filter-expression.


The Fifth Dimension files are all with a space and only the track "up, Up and Away" is correct without a space.

thanks to all!!

I selected all my files, then under tag-tag, I did the artist, and album artist then in the parameter field, I used $trim(%artist%)

I think that was correct, if not please let me know. I'll know for sure once I transfer the songs to my mp3 player.

You would have to change the target field - if you use $trim(%albumartist%), the target field is ALBUMARTIST.

If these files appear in the filtered list, they do have a leading or trailing space character, believe me.

OK- I selected all tracks, then under convert tag-tag I did both "artist" with the %artist%, then I did the "album artist" with the %albumartist% as the filters.

Thank you all for your help- I'll let you know when I get my songs transferred back to my mp3 player and report back to you!!


After loading my songs onto my player, I think you have all solved my problem!! Thank you so much!!! Now I'll go on my walk and test it out! See below!

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Works just fine!! Thank you to my friends!!

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