Translate file extensions to tags?

Hi. I have two questions about MP3Tag. I've been using it for a few months now, and I like it a lot, but I have a bit of a problem. You see, I batch downloaded all the MP3's for an extremely long song, and since they are supposed to be wrapped with a program such as MP3Wrap. In order for this to happen, they use the file extensions ".001", ".002", and so on after the .mp3 extension. This is how a file would look:


Sadly, MP3Tag doesn't recognize the files like this, and there are 400 of these files to begin with. I would just use MP3Wrap, but I want the songs as separate tracks. How can I import these files into MP3Tag, and use the file extensions for the track numbers, removing the numbers from the file names afterwards? Thank you.

You could use a DOS command (open a command shell in the folder) and rename the files:

ren .0 ..mp3

This will lead to a filename like this:

The command assumes, that you have a leading zero all the time.

bjbp, you have to make sure that your "split file library of about 400 files" meets the technical prerequisites of the wrap/split process!
So you have to be aware, that there might be other files included than only mp3 files.
And you have to be aware, that the parts might be splitted somewhere in the running of the large file, at points of silence, or at some dedicated amount of frames or such, so that the parts for itself are not playable as an entirely correct formatted mp3 file.
I suppose that your idea to save the part files as individual mp3 files will not have a great chance.

I suspect that it behaves differently.
I would tend to say your "split file library" is simply a big mp3 file splitted by the 7-zip archiver application.
Use the 7-zip File Manager to assemble the parts back into the original file.

Or use something like this on the DOS command line ...
... to recreate the big mp3 file from the parted files ...

COPY "AlbumName.mp3.???"/B "BigFile.mp3"/B


Thanks. I'll be sure to try that!

Don't worry. I've downloaded from this artist before, and I've always wrapped the tracks without problems.

Do I understand something wrong?
You are the Wrapper? I suspected you are the Un-Wrapper, will say the Splitter.

I didn't have applied the mp3wrap and mp3splt tools yet.
I understand the functional description as ...
... mp3wrap can make a big container file, including text files, image files and so on.
... mp3splt can split a wrapped container file into its components.

Please explain what part of the process creates the parted files and numbers the files with the running number "*.mp3.001" and so forth?