Transpose Action

Depending on the source of my MP3's from Compilation albums, I end up with song titles in the format of Artist / Song Title or Song Title / Artist in the Title field.

Could someone more proficient with actions please explain how I can copy whatever is before the "/" inn the title field, then delete the "/" from the title field , and finally add a "/" at the end of what is now the title field together with what I initially copied so that that is appended to the end of the field.

In Steps:

  • Copy and save whatever is before the "/"
  • Delete the "/"
  • Add the "/" to what is now the end
  • Add what was copied and saved to the end
  • Delete what was saved
Thank you for any assistance

I don't really understand what you want to achive. Could you post a before and after example, please? At first I thought you want to change:

TITLE: Pink Floyd / Echoes


TITLE: Echoes
ARTIST: Pink Floyd

but I am not sure if that is what you want.

I have a habit of over complicating things!

What you put into 4 lines is what I wanted to do. Thanks for the response. Mp3tag is very powerful, just need to get my wings to get the most use out of it that I can!

I was able to eventually work it out by creating an Action:

Guess values "%title%" : %title% / %artist%

It's taken me years to "find" Mp3tag and in one week of use I've been able to do more than I could in the past 10 years with mp3 files.

I can now:

  1. Rip my CD's and find tracklists using freedb.
  2. "Fix "tracklists how I want them using mp3tag.
  3. Rename mp3 files using mp3tag
  4. Regain my sanity!
Now I'm playing with creating an export for HTML and txt so that I can see what music I have ripped.