Travel Version?

[font=Arial][size=4]I have a large mp3 collection that is presently over 400 GB. I love to tweak tags and attach album art, getting my collection as accurate and complete as possible. Does mp3tag have the ability to separate the tags from the music data, edit tags and then resynch the changes at a later time? I would like to use the program without bringing the song data with me when I travel.

I'd love this too, not so much for editing away from the library but away from mp3tag, in cases where the job needs e.g. Excel.

I've found separating the tags is simple - File | Export - but resynching is not. The nearest feature to an Import is Convert | Text file- Tag, but AFAIS it cannot be indexed/keyed except by the file list content/order, so you must have put in the file list the exact same set of files in the exact same order, else you'll get disasterous mismapping.

One possible solution I haven't yet tried is at Export time create put all files in a playlist, and before import reload it, having previously selected a special nonexistent-tag column to get mp3tag to preserve the playlist order.

If anyone knows a better method, please do tell!

[font=Arial][size=4]Thanks, I have thought that convert from text file might do it but I also agree that one slip up (even a bad space) and the map is all wrong. IT SURE seems to me that this is important functionality. I would like to see the program be able to scan my directory structure, map it, copy the tag and cover art data into a file and then have that file be portable and editable and even proprietary to MP3tag. After editing tags to my hearts content, I would like to be able to point the merge to the right parent directory and viola, all the files are updated to the data. Am I just dreaming or is there a program that can do this at all?

IT SURE seems to me that this is important functionality.


Am I just dreaming or is there a program that can do this at all?

None I know of. But mp3tag is nearly there. I think just a little improvement to the playlist handling (which would be good to have anyway for other reasons) will do it. I shall post a proposal.

Further thought shows my application has less in common with yours, so I think I'd better leave it to someone else to propose a solution. Having said which, I think your best bet maybe to make a copy of your library with all the audio removed (e.g. using a GoldWave bath process), use mp3tag to edit those tags, and the copy and paste them back to your library. Good luck!