Traxsource web tag scripts

follow up on the thread originally started here : scripts by stevehero - #24 by Wannastayunercover

I've decided to quickly make some Mp3tag traxsource web source scripts, and after late fixes ... here they are :


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Good job. I downloaded them from the other thread.

It's just missing cat no and the filenames would be better named with a # so they appear in the menu in their own group.


You can then add a keyboard shortcut by placing & before Traxscource like so &Traxsource#Release...

Then the subfiles can have one too.

Here's an example of one of mine:
Beatport by &stevehero v5.0#RELEASE Search by Dire&Ctory

The keyboard shortcut for this is:
Alt then S,S,C

Not using the release scripts which matches the info I get from traxsource since this very catalog number never gets provided in their single track info. fwiv