Trick iTunes "Show full album" feature

Hi everyone,

I'm in desperate need of help right now. I have been trying for several hours to trick the "Show full album" feature in iTunes (english is not my native language so I don't have the exact term, sorry) so that it show the album I actually want to see. Let me explain more in detail :

To begin with, I have two songs, let's call them Song A and Song B. Song A have a really great sound quality compared to Song B but Song B have the correct metadata that I actually want so what I did is copy Song B metadata (tag) and paste it to Song A using Mp3tag. The transfer went great except for one thing : when I put the new file in my iTunes library and click on the "Show full album" at the bottom to see the other songs of the album, it shows the songs from Song A's album instead of Song B's album which is what I want and is what it should show because I copied the entire tag from Song B.

I made some research on the web but I can't find someone with the same issue. The "Show full album" data must be stored somewhere in the .m4a file right?
Also I tried with another software which is MusicBrainz Picard but it didn't make a difference.

I hope someone will be able to solve this mystery for me. Thanks a lot in advance.

To me it looks much more like an iTunes problem and that iTunes does not update its library.
You would have to force iTunes to do that.
One sure way is to delete the old record and then re-read the folders. I seriously doubt that one track knows anything about other tracks of an album. But one never knows.

I see, thanks for the help. Also, what do you mean by "delete the old record and then re-read the folders"? How can I do that? I'm using iTunes 12.7.3 on macOS High Sierra by the way.

EDIT : I tried the same method with a bunch of other songs and for some reason the "Show complete album" just doesn't appear this time, odd...

In general, this is the MP3tag forum. The handling of iTunes should be a topic on Apple's pages.
To delete a "record" (which is just the data in the database, not the file itself):
Select the song entry in iTunes.
Select the function to delete it but not from the file system.
Repeat this for all updated files.
Use the function to import a folder or a file to read the modified file again.
The updated data should now appear in iTunes.

And perhaps you could check if you have all the data in the files that should be the same for all tracks of an album:
And by "same" I mean: filled, not empty.

Alright thanks for the help, I will look into that when I got time. Cheers!