Tricky Filename to Tag

Hi everyone,

Went through the forum for almost an hour and did find many suggestions regarding how to use filename - tag conversions...which also made me think if my question is a bit stupid

anyways herez what i wanna achieve

My MP3 file name is like this

20140524-084858_266500786__103-all.mp3 (yyyymmdd_xxxxxx_xxxxxxxxx_artist-all.mp3)

now I want is to extract only the creation date (20140524) and the artist (103)...

Can mp3tag read this kind of a filename and change to i need to change (_) to (-) or (/)

I have got 8000 mp3's to be changed and pending export.....any help would be appreciated

if the pattern of underscores is common to the files, then, in conjunction with %dummy% you will get the result, I bet.
To me the pattern looks like:
As there is a preview in the Convert>Filename-Tag dialogue you will be able to easily adapt the number of underscores and other text elements (like -all) to get the right data.

Hi ohrenkino,

Thank you for replying and giving me a hope that it can be done. The file name is uniform throughout the direcotry...but the MP3tag is not allowing me to execute the syntax. The OK button is greyed out (picbelow) but the Ok button is highlighted if i enter only one string eg %creation_date% and the tag is changed below screenshot

Sorry my mistake I didnt notice the small change in the syntax...yup its working and working perfect.....great input thanks

Now i need to think how to automate it

For automation you can use the action of the type "Guess values" (import tag fields):
Use _FILENAME as source
Enter that string as guessing pattern that you have used for the converter.

There is a spelling error, see attached picture.