Trimming from specified characters

Hi everybody! I need some help for formatting tags.
My album tags are in form:
album [catalog#]

I want to make new tag named "album only" and trim catalog# and empty char. space before.

You can try an action of the type "Import tag field" (Guess value" for %ALBUM%.
Enter as guessing pattern: %album% [%catalog%]

(There is no standard field for catalog number).
I am not sure if you really want to have a field %album only% and do not really understand what you mean by "and empty char. space before"

So try the action on a test file and tell me where it needs refinement.

Hi, tnx for reply! :smiley:
I already made field %catalog#%, so evetything is ok here. My files are already tagged.

Yes, I want to have a field %album only% (only for album name) and i want to make it from my album tag with maby trimming function from right...
I know how to change my script, but I need some mechanism for already tagged files.

for example:

%album% The Return Of Wolfy [TOOL29201Z]
%album only% The Return Of Wolfy

%album% Bullets Vol 3 [TOOL30001Z]
%album only% Bullets Vol 3

If you want to keep the original information of ALBUM but see a stripped version in ALBUM ONLY then I would suggest the following:

Copy the data from ALBUM to ALBUM ONLY with an action of the type "Format tag field" for ALBUM ONLY.
Enter as format string: %album%

This fills ALBUM ONLY with more than you want, so you have to strip it.
Try the action of the type "Import tag field" (guess values) for ALBUM ONLY.
Enter as guessing pattern: %album only% [%dummy%

This should strip the number from the album name in ALBUM ONLY

Yes, this is correct way I tried, but I still have cat. numbers in %album only% field. Maybe I make mistake somewhere.

If we take a look on a form "%album% [%catalog#%]", I think the two important and repeated characters are " [".
I tried to trim right side including these two characters but...I don't know how to make pattern correctly.

Too bad, I could have made extra field %album only% in the past. Now, my head against the wall! :laughing:

I just tried the action and it works just as intended:

Import tag-field (Guess values) for %album only%
Import string: %album only% [%dummy%
This leaves the album name in ALBUM ONLY, the catalog# isn't there anymore
So what do you do?

I tried again, and it works! :w00t:
It will help me a lot!
Thank U very very much!!!