Trimming YEAR field

Sorry, tried searching and I'm a numpty with RegExp, so I'm gonna have to ask!

How to I trim a value of eg 2009-12-12 T00:00:00Z in the YEAR field to just 2009 ?

I know it's obvious, but I can't get eg LEFT function to do it, and can't find anything in the help files.


This is how you can use the $left function:

Action type: Format value
Field: YEAR
Format string: $left(%year%,4)

Thanks Dano, that's about the only thing I didn't try. I'm not being stupid, am I - I can't find the syntax for this RegExp in the help anywhere?! P'raps it's just me!! Thanks again...

This is not a Regex. It is a simple scripting language. Look in the help for "Scripting functions".

Bingo! That explains it, thanks for the help!