Trobles with track numbers

Hi and good time for all

Please help, if this possible.

I'm not coder, but I will try did some of modification in Pufas script (very cool script I think). I changed names of some fields to my purposes, and fix few bugs - load cover, correct link "This album on discogs", some other changes.

But I stop on latest change - fix for replace vinyl track numbers by common decimal value (my player not understand "A1" as track-number).
But unfortunately after my changes I have displacement for some fields, and I cannot fix this for few days ((

I will attach 2 version - with old track-number system and with my mod (copy from Discogs API for Deejay's script :book: )

In both variant all good with CD releases - 2xCD Plaid for example. But if try Vinyl release - like this Quasimoto 2xVinyl release - i have glitch with displacement fields in second version.

questionable code here (I think..) - # TRACK ## Need help here )

Thanks for any comments

and sorry for my English and long message(

UPD: cannot attach files, I place it on rapideshare

Remove the


You are filling it in the # TRACK part now.

Thank you very much dano, now all worked fine!