Trouble Changing Filename To Uppercase In Mac

I'm using mac os x 10.7.3 and mp3tag v2.48 through wineskin i'm having trouble using the action CASE = uppercase. when I change a single or group of filenames to uppercase i get an error that says I can't do it because the files already exists. the only thing i'm changing is the case. when i do it manually it doesn't give me any trouble. any suggestions

I don't know what filesystem is involved in your situation.
If it is the NTFS file system, then there are supported all UTF-16 lower and upper letters to build a filename (without some reserved special characters of course), but the file system itself works case insensitive.
One filename written in lower case or upper case or mixed case is always the identical file name.

You can force renaming a file into other casing style by renaming the file into some other temporarily name and then rename it back to the old filename written in the casing style you want.
One different character should reach.
AbCdEf.mp3 ==> _AbCdEf.mp3 ==> ABCDEF.mp3
AbCdEf.mp3 ==> x.mp3 ==> ABCDEF.mp3


After checking some Mp3tag possibilities how to change casing of the filename (see following in this thread) I am now nearly convinced, that your problem might not have to do with your machine environment.
In general the Mp3tag error message "file already exists" points to the fact of a bad renaming method, which tries to create a filename, which already exists in the same folder.
I do not think, that the problem is initiated by the action "Case conversion".
Please check any used format string, from which the filenames should be created, and make sure not to create duplicate file names.


If that is not enough, you could add some string that can easily be removed. Or you use the converter tag-filename with a mask that has more elements (or repetitions of one element), e.g.
%track% _ %artist% _ %title% _ %track%
and then
$caps(%track% _ %artist% _ %title%).

But basically it is DetlevD's idea.

@jetski2911 and @ohrenkino, I've just found out, renaming to upper case can be done with the converter "Filename - Filename" in one go (on NTFS with Windows XP).

Convert | Filename - Filename | ALT+3

Select format string

Old filename pattern:

New filename pattern:


Also this action group can do it ...

Begin Action Group Test_2012#20120213.FilenameUpperCase.1

Action #1
Actiontype 5: Format value
Field ______: _FILENAME
Formatstring: $upper(%_FILENAME%)
End Action Group Test_2012#20120213.FilenameUpperCase.1 (1 Action)

Also this action group can do it ...

Begin Action Group Test_2012#20120213.FilenameUpperCase.2

Action #1
Actiontype 1: Case conversion
Field _________: _FILENAME
Case conversion: UPPER CASE
Word begins after:
End Action Group Test_2012#20120213.FilenameUpperCase.2 (1 Action)

... using Mp3tag v2.49b.