Trouble tagging mp4 files

Hey all,

I've most recently been having trouble tagging certain .mp4 files. Most work but in converting some of my DVD TV seasons to digital I've noticed that some do not tag right. I encoded the .mp4 files with Handbrake and used pretty standard settings; most of the files tag correctly but it seems like the last item per disc has trouble retaining tags. However, when I edit the fields in Windows Explorer the fields seem to stick just fine. Here's one of the problem TV Seasons and as you can see with the highlighted files I added some of the fields through Windows Explorer fine but if I were to try to edit any of the filled in fields like the bottom file, it clears out the field I tried to edit. Any thoughts on what could be happening? I'm using v2.58 and I never had this problem with v2.57. Thanks in advance!

as apparently you have switched from 2.57 to 2.58 it could be that some settings are different.
Check in Tools>Options>Mpeg what kind of tag versions you read, write and delete.
You should not read and write APE tags but only delete them.

Thanks for the reply. I had the settings selected like you mentioned but still no luck. I wonder if it has to do with how I am encoding the files with HandBrake. Does anyone know of any specific settings that will not allow for the tagging of an mp4 file encoded by HandBrake?

Edit: After some more testing it looks like for some reason when using the nightly build of HandBrake it wouldn't allow the files to be encoded. I reinstalled the stable release and tried a file and now it is able to tag the files properly. Not sure the exact reason but it looks like it has something to do with how the nightly build was encoding the files.