Trouble with a guess values/import tag fields action

hi everyone! ive been trying to modify some code(for lack of a better phrase?) in a guess values/import tag fields action.
I use mp3 tag to organize my library because Beatport, Bandcamp, juno, amazon, etc. all have such varying degrees of information placed in inconsistent fields that its hard to keep track of. Also, just to streamline the look of my database when i'm operating virtual dj or apple music (i want the columns I use to be more narrow) so i'm trying to batch action a lot of superfluous information into a user-created tag i call "notes".

one example of this particular case, I'm trying to extract Album release information from the Album Tag to the Notes tag.
i.e. from Album: Garbage 2.0 (Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition)
to Album: Garbage 2.0 | Notes: Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition
other examples are things like "Maxi Single" or "Japanese Release" etc etc.

When I'm on my windows machine the follow action has worked successfully
Guess Values
Source Format: %notes%$regexp(%album%,(.*)\'('(.*)\')','$2'+++$1)
Format String: %notes%+++%album%

it does not work on my mac version of mp3 tag under the Import Tag Fields function, which I understand
to be the mac version of Guess Values...

then i tried to re-use a code that works for another action i was doing
Import Tag Fields
Source Format: $regexp(%title%,'(.*) \(Feat\. (.*)\)',$1 +++ %artist% 'featuring $2')
Format String: %title%+++%artist%
i used this to successfully move featuring information

so i modified that code to this
Source Format: $regexp(%notes%,'(.*) \((.*)\)',$1 +++ %album% '$2')
Format String: %notes%+++%album%

i also tried this variation
Source Format: $regexp(%notes%,'(.*) \'('(.*)\')'',$1 +++ %album% '$2')
Format String: %notes%+++%album%

nothing happens tho...i can't figure out what i'm doing wrong

Other actions i use will successfully fill the notes tag so i know that tag works
any suggestions?

Does the field NOTES contain any data?
Otherwise I would simply use (in Guess values)
Source format: %album%
Format string: %album% (%notes%)

Hi there,

thanks for your reply. but that's not what i am trying to do. I want the information between the parenthesis to be moved out of the album tag. i just don't understand why the formula that works on my pc doesn't translate to my mac

IMHO that is exactly what my suggestion would do.

Hi Again

Thanks so much!!! It DID do what I've been trying to accomplish.

I just made the assumption that it was only going to copy the info

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