Trouble with album art image size

Hi all, I've googled this and couldn't find any answer.

When I'm gonna change the image of an album the resolution always decrease to 225x225. Is this a bug or can I increase the maximum cap?

What? Mp3tag embeds the image in exactly the size as the originial file was. Where do you see these values?

BTW: I think what you are talking about are the dimensions. The resolution is ususally measured in dots per inch.

Are you using windows media player. If options not set carefully, it will override your artwork and replace with its own (usually) smaller artwork. It can modify some tags as well. Basically, WMS is a virus when it comes to your music files if you're not careful.

Thanks all for the help but I found the answer by myself. I was searching the images from Google and when I copied them it would copy in a 225x225. I have to click on the image to make it in its native resolution. Feel like a noob right now. Thanks again.