Trouble With Lyrics

With no changes made, i am having issues with lyrics (they have worked fine in the past). Using musixmatch, i now get lyrics that are incomplete. As in,

eng||Just want to live naturally
Time told you, and you told meCan′t ....

The html part displays when viewing the lyrics and they are truncated. Anyone have any idea what i am doing wrong?

thanks in advance,

To me it is not clear where and when you get that display. Could you elaborate, please?

Sure, thank you.

In mp3tag, in my tag panel i have "UnsyncedLyrics". I copied and pasted the post from there (it's where the software places the lyrics). I hope that helps, is that what you mean?


example: it looks like this....

eng||Just want to live naturally
Time told you, and you told me< /span >Can′t you see...

The above is just a snippet, but in reality some lyrics are missing and the html code (< /span >) is visible just as you see it above.


So it is a dispaly problem in the tag panel?
Did you have a look at the extended tags dialogue to check if the data unsyncedlyrics is complete?
In the tag panel, the display field should be a multi-line field.

Please tell us an artist and song title to reproduce this behaviour.
(Or do you get this result for all your new fetched lyrics?)

Which Musixmatch websource script version do you use in Mp3tag (please tell us the link to the source script, like

It is in the display panel and everywhere else it displays (as in my player).
Yes, it is the same, truncated and with html code visible.
The display field is one line.


The result is indeed the same for all fetched lyrics.
Not sure where i can find this info.... sorry


Could you please tell us a step by step what you do?

1.) you select a song in Mp3tag and then press what? Or what is your next step?
2.) what do you see exactly in Mp3tag or any other used source (can you show us a printscreen)?

This is something that you could change to multiline, I would say.
The player is no good test environment as I assume that the first step goes with MP3tag.
So: what does the "Edit" Mode of that field show in the extended tags dialogue?
And: I just tested the linked web source for the track "Magic" by Nick Drake and it produces just the lyrics with all the line breaks and no truncation.
So tell us what you do as @LyricsLover requested.

Here are a couple screen shots. The red arrows indicate my workflow. All i'm doing is clicking on the "world" icon them choosing ok. By the way, i'm not necessarily wanting to use musicmatch, i'm just wanting lyrics to be tagged correctly, any service that works is ok by me.

thanks for your help, tom

to me it looks as though the field UNSYNCEDLYRICS is not truncated - a way out would be to configure the tag field for UNSYNCEDLYRICS to be a multi-line field (as I said before).
If you select the field UNSYNCEDLYRICS and press the edit button you will see that all the text is there.
Why that piece of HTML code appears - I don't know, could be the source.

Another note: Just pressing the "Globe" Icon simply calls the last web source script that you used.
It would lead to more control if you used the menu Web Sources and selected that script that you really intend to use.

Thanks Ohrenkino,
'Musixmatch' is the only script i have installed. it's the only one i can get to 'work', even though it doesn't work very good at all. Not sure having a choice of scripts is of help to me as I've in the past tried many of the scripts found at [WS] Import lyrics from websites, but have had no luck. Maybe i am doing something wrong? I searched for a step by step tutorial as to how to install and or use them correctly but was unable to find one.


There is a section on the web sources in the help:

Tell us where you have difficulties to install web sources after you have followed the description.

Thank you for your printscreens.

If I do exactly the same as you with the same metadata I get the "perfect" lyrics without any HTML code:

The main difference could be that I use this &Lyrics#Musixmatch02.rar web source script, from the first post in [WS] Import lyrics from websites . The last change to this musixmatch websource script was made 2021-02-07.

Please try it with the same websource script. @ohrenkino already told you, how you find the necessary informations about the installation. If you do the same again as you did here, you should get it working.

Thank you Gentlemen!

Sorry for being so ignorant about this subject. Back in January i was able to get it working, however i now see that it was not working correctly, i went back and see the html tag is in all my lyrics since then.

At Menu Tag Sources – Mp3tag Documentation i am only seeing a description of what they are not how to install correctly (location & how). Am i missing something?

I downloaded the script you suggested, now trying/searching to find out where and how to install....
I found this How do I install the script? / Wie installiere ich das Script? trying it now....

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It worked! Thank you both very much!
i really appreciate your efforts and time on my behalf, Tom

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