Trouble with Windows 10

HI I am new to MP3TAG and am looking for some help. I am using Windows 10 and received a bunch of songs from a friend. Many of the songs don't have the right Album Art so I download the correct art. When I open the file in MP3TAG, I delete the incorrect art, add the correct art and save. The art doesn't change. I delete the complete tag and rewrite it and add the art and the same results. Sometimes when I add a new tag, it puts on one from a previous song. Is there any suggestions to what I'm doing wrong or other things I can try to make this work. Thanks so much for your time.


Where do you see the behaviour that you describe? In MP3tag?
Have you checked the music folders for files like folder.jpg, albumartsmall.jpg and thumbs.db? What happens if you delete them?

I have a folder with a list of songs that I open in MP3TAG. There are no album art .jpp's in this folder. All the album art is embedded in the tags. I delete the incorrect icover and download a correct correct. I try to add the correct cover and save it, but when I play the song, the cover is still the old incorrect one. For some reason, it won't save the new cover.

If MP3tag shows the new cover then the new cover is saved in the file.
You could check though if you have saved more than one cover in the files (in the meantime).
WMP has a cache in
%localappdata%\microsoft\media player\grafikcache
Delete the folder grafikcache (name may vary according to local language setting) as it will be rebuilt by WMP.

Thanks so much. I deleted the cache file and that solved the problem. I appreciate the heip.