Trying to Add "Album Artist" to all music specific folder Customization types by a registry entry in Windows

Wondering if you may know, as it is not possible to find it in a search engine query, whether there is any way to change the default tags in a customized folder for music, so that when the folder is set to music, it automatically has "Album Artist" column in its columns. This is something I couldn't find out there, in the search engine query, so I thought I would see if anyone has ever made that registry change here. I am pretty sure it would take a simple registry change to make the computer do things a little differently there in Properties->Customization for a particular nest of folders such as we see customizations inside the Music directory that Windows makes by default or the Video dierectory which is customized to show the medium icon, but no music type metadata obviously.

Obviously this is not particular to this program I just couldn't find it anywhere else.


Microsoft has the following to offer: