Trying to add sequential numerical prefix to Title

My first post. I am not a coder by any means...

I just bought a newer Subaru, the media player sorts the album tracks alphabetically by title, which is highly annoying. I like to maintain the order they were on the albums.

I am trying to bulk rename the titles tag to retain the title, but put a sequential 2 (or occasionally 3) digit number in front of the existing title. ie; 01 First Song, 02 Second Song, 03 Third Song.

I have replacing values with actions and convert Tag>Tag, with "$num(01,2) %title%" -which will preserve the title but doesn't count up, just puts a 01 prefix in front of everything.

I tried the add function but didn't get anywhere. Other things I've tried just remove the title completely. I haven't been able to get anything to count up by 1 each line.

If someone could give me a working example of that would work I would greatly appreciate it.

thanks in advance,

That was close!
To assign something new to a field try an action of the type "Format value" (here: for TITLE) or use Converter>Tag-Tag.
Format string: $num(%_counter%,2)_%title%

See the documentation on scripting

and variables

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