Trying to automate the "TRACK" field value

As a music creator, all my files begin with a number, and then the song-name.
example: 01 - My Lastest Love Song - (Master).mp3

Is it possible to extract the first 2 characters of the filename, and use this to populate the "Track" field value within one of the "Actions" I have already defined?


If all other fields are already done, try Guess Values, with %track% - %dummy% from the file name as the source.

Hi All,
This is my final solution.

In the example of a file called... "03 - He Spoke To Me - 2021-Master.mp3",
the following commands within the "CONVERT" process
have extracted the Track Number and the Track Title,
whilst removing the remaining info contained within the filename.



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With that mask you create a user-defined field called NULL which you may have to delete afterwards.
The correct keyword for data you choose to ignore during import is %dummy%.
And with
%track% - %title% - %year%-%dummy%
you could get even more data out of the filename.
Please note that the Converter is no action but I see that shows the effect of the mask better.