Trying to change directory but nothing happends

When change the directory (or add one) to see the list of mp3s in a folder, nothing happens and the list is not populated. So can't select an mp3 file to work on, what am I doing wrong?

if you select a new directory from within MP3tag, you get the standard windows dialogue to open a folder. This dialogue shows as selectable objects only folders, no files.
So if you want to edit a single file, drag&drop it from an Explorer window.
Otherwise, select the folder and all files in this folder and possibly the sub-folders get loaded.

And if you're already doing all that, you can check if the Filter is enabled via F3 or "View > Filter".

I was selecting the folder, it was some text in the filter at the bottom, that I hadn't put there, that was causing the issue!

Yes, it was some text in the filter that was stopping the folder loading. I hadn't put the text there so never thought to delete it but once I did, the files in the folder loaded. Thanks.

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