Trying to create action to read tags from file in directory (NOT WORKING)


I have a folder on my desktop called jj

inside folder jj are 2 FLAC files, 2 JPG cover art files and 1 Text file called Exported_Tags.txt

The text file (Exported_Tags.txt) has the tag info for the two Flac Files

I'm simply trying to create an ACTION called IMPORT TAGS

which will import the Tag Info from the text file, from any working folder that has a text file inside it called Exported_Tags.txt

In the Action IMPORT TAGS I have added all the fields I want

and then under files names I have added %_directory%\Exported_Tags.txt

But for some strange reason Its not working

I get this error

Import text file "%_directory%\Exported Tags.txt": %ARTIST% - %TITLE% - %ALBUM% - %TRACK% - %YEAR% - %GENRE% - %COMMENT% - %DATE%: File C:\Users\john\Desktop\jj\jj\Exported_Tags.txt cannot be accessed.


If I just use %_directory%

I get the same error

Import text file "%_directory%\Exported Tags.txt": %ARTIST% - %TITLE% - %ALBUM% - %TRACK% - %YEAR% - %GENRE% - %COMMENT% - %DATE%: File C:\Users\john\Desktop\jj\jj cannot be accessed.

there should only be one \jj\ NOT TWO

I only have one folder on my desktop called jj, NO sub folders?

because this ACTION is trying to load the text file from \jj\jj\ is why I can't get access to my textfile via the ACTION

please help is this a BUG in MP3TAG ???

If I manually select the path to folder jj it works and imports the tags,

But I want to be able to use this action for any working folder with text file (Exported_Tags.txt) inside it

and thus can't due to the %_directory% not working and coming back with strange values i.e. \jj\jj ?????

what is going on ???

I have manged to lose the \jj\jj

By using this script


but now can't put the file name in ??? when I add Exported_Tags.txt after it.... still no joy ???

what is the difference between CONVERT - textfile-tag & ACTION import text file

Cant get action import text file to work

but if i use the same text file and use CONVERT Textfile - Tag

all my fields get renamed with the info in the text file ???

using the same fields to import

This is so crazy how the ACTION does not work yet the Convert TextFile to Tag does work ??

You should use absolute paths, not relative ones

... simple answer ... they support different tasks.

Action "Import text file" ...
copies the content from a text file into one tag-field.

Convert "Text file - Tag" and Action "Guess values" ...
... support the same task.