trying to setup 'Explore item folder' command

So I created a custom tool to open an explorer window for the folder path of the selected file. However, it only works about half the time. Here's what I have:

Name: Explore Item Folder
Path: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
Parameter: /n, %_folderpath%
(for all selected files is unchecked)

As i said, it works sometimes, but other times it will say: The path does not exist or is not a directory followed by the output of the variable %_folderpath%. In these cases, the path is truncated on the left hand side by about 12 characters, which leaves me wondering if sometimes it's because the length of the path is too long?

Is this a bug, or is there a better way to do this?


See my tool config see HERE point no. 4 for windows explorer

Could it be because of spaces in the path? Try double quotes around %_folderpath%.

Thanks stevehero! I think you answered another question that i just posted as well about Google searches. i'll give this a try and see if it works! :slight_smile:

That solved my 'open in explorer' problem. But i'm still having problems with google searches :frowning: