Tutorials (Badges)

Hello World!

I am a long time MP3tag user, but new Community member.

In looking through the available Badges for Community Participation, I noticed mention of both a "New User Tutorial" & an "Advanced User Tutorial". I don't see where these reside... maybe I'm overlooking their location(s).

Any help would be appreciated.


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I completed the "New User Tutorial" badge by following the instructions in the Greetings! personal message I received after joining. The Advanced User Tutorial has only been given to one user, @Florian, so perhaps he can tell us how to get that badge :grinning:

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Here's how to to get the "Advanced User Tutorial"! :grin:


@discobot start advanced user

Thanks for the hint, @zappaphone!


And thank you for pointing out the "Advanced User Tutorial", I completed it by going back to the Greetings message and adding the text you specified as a reply, and presto, after completing that new badge was earned.


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