TV Episode number is zero / 0 on iOS 12 if not filled

Things were looking just how I wanted, but then I updated my iPad to iOS 12. Now, in the TV app on my iPad, every single episode title has a 0 at the beginning.

So since I have episode numbers already built into the title, I want to just remove the tag for iTunes episode title. I didn't see how to do this in extended tags. Any ideas?

Assuming you're using the latest version of Mp3tag, you can see and remove the field TVEPISODE via the extended tag dialog at Alt + T.

Hi Florian-

There is nothing entered in the TVEPISODE field for the episodes. And I also tried putting in
"blank" (with brackets) for the TVEPISODE field, with no success.

It seems like with the version of the TV app for ios12, if nothing is entered in the TVEPISODE field, it puts the episode number 0 at the beginning of the episode title. It does not do this on older iOS version- I tested simultaneously with an iPhone running older ios.

OK, true. It's time to update TVEPISODE field then :smile: (and remove it from the title).