Tvepisodeid tag doesn't show in windows 10 file explorer

I got mp3tag to edit the metadata of my mp4 files. the season number and episode number show up on windows file explorer just fine but episode name does not seem to show on windows file explorer for some reason. there is a column you can have for this in windows but this program is the first I have seen that can actually edit this field supposedly. in mp3tag I see the change no problem but it doesn't show in windows. since the other tags show being changed and updated in windows I figured the same would be true of the tvepisodeid tag which by the table I found on here and other places is the same as mp4 tven tag. I even tried testing if I was wrong about which of the two tags was for name and other for number by putting numbers in both but still the episode name didn't show up in windows.

you could try to modify that field in the Windows Explorer and then load the file into MP3tag and see in the extended tags (Alt-T) what the WIndows explorer thinks should be the right field.

nope that isn't a possibility as far as I know. the reason I got mp3tag was because you can't add or modify these extended metadata fields in windows explorer. I hate that. it would be so much easier if I could just modify them directly in windows explorer. but also I would still get mp3tag for other metadata that doesn't even have column options in windows explorer.

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I am still a little puzzled - because I simply do not find any column header in the long list of possible fields that looks remotely like "TV ..." or "Episode". So I wonder which field you actually tried. I mean, the list of headers even features "BCC" which is probably no video property, so it would remain empty all the time and which you probably could not modify even if you added the column.

There are two possibly matching metadata fields:


but I have no idea what kind of tags this could be in Mp3tag.

There is a 2074 page long PDF with all the possible "field names". Not all are available for every file type:

On a geman windows 10 maybe this columns could contain the above fields:
Folgenname und -Nummer

Maybe @otaku can provide one of his sample files for us to check?

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Thank you for the research.
There is no problem to create the fields TVEPISODE and TVEPISODEID.
The problem is that the WIndows Explorer does not show them.
And as it looks it has not been intended to be shown (perhaps just like BPM that the WIndows Explorer also does not show).
The observation that the data in a column cannot be edited is an indication for me that WE does not support that field for that file type.
So I would rate the whole thing as "player problem" - which should be solved on the player side. Adding fields with MP3tag that are not supported by the target application does not add features to that application.

So the problem is that the Windows Explorer simply has no column to show the information that you are looking for.
So it is not that MP3tag writes to some mysterious field in a format that is incompatible with WE but that the failure to show the data is a shortcoming of WE.
I would assume then that if that data is important enough, then it would be a workaround to add it to a field that the displaying program knows how to display.

I think you might be on to something with the windows document referring to system.recordedtv.episodename. let me see about putting up a sample if I can.

If you press ALT+T inside Mp3tag on your selected sample mp4, you will see:

I will do some research for the TVEPISODEID equivalent in windows file explorer now...

Update 11.15:
After activating ALL the possible columns, I have to say:
Windows file explorer does not provide a field for TVEPISODEID or TVSHOW.
TVEPISODE is "Episode number" or "Folgennummer"
TVSEASON is "Season number" or "Staffelnummer"

IMHO the displayed "Episode name" / "Folgenname" should show the content of TVSHOW, but it remains empty.

Could it be that Apple use this TVEPISODEID and TVSHOW in a proprietary way?

exiftool extract this information like this:

I assume that Microsoft stores these in the Xtra box and simply does not support tvsh and tven. As far as I know, Mp3tag does not support Xtra at all whereas Exiftool can read it (but does not write any fields).

@LyricsLover I would not (ab)use TVEPISODEID as yet another title field, but for the production code if available. (In practice, I never use it.) The episode title belongs into TITLE.

By the way, I don't understand why it's tvsh instead of ©tvs or ©shw or something, because it contains a translatable string and such boxes usually start with the copyright sign if originally specified by Apple.

Furthermore, in many cases, ALBUM, WORK or CONTENTGROUP may repeat the information present in TVSHOW, but I like to use one of them to store a collective name that may be shared by associated (TV) movies or other series (remakes, spinoffs etc.).

After some hours of research, I found the following facts:

a) The windows file explorer can't show all metadata information from mp4
b) Mp3tag can't show all metadata information from mp4

There is only a small number of tags you can "abuse" in Mp3tag to show your episode name in windows file explorer too (aka "smallest common intersection")


If you want to go this way, you have to copy the existing information from
to one of the above tags with the help of Mp3tag. I would suggest ALBUM.
(COPYRIGHT didn't work in my test case, if have no idea why).

If you enable the additional column ALBUM in your windows file explorer, you can see the content after editing the ALBUM tag inside your mp4 files with Mp3tag.

Example (click on printscreen to enlarge it):

Possible Metadata filled in Mp4 with the tool Meta X
the red striked through entries are not visible in windows file explorer.

From the above written Metadata only this are visible in Mp3tag:

Aren’t the missing ones in ITUNMOVI?

I don't think so, but I'm not sure which ones you mean with "missing"?

This is the content of ITUNMOVI as shown in Mp3tag: