%tvseason% %tvepisode% not populating after 2.92

I added %tvseason% and %tvepisode% years ago and have never had any problems with them. After the update today they don't populate any more.
I use the name format of "TVSHOW - TVEPISODEID - TITLE - YEAR" EPISODEID is done as "SxxExx"

I have 4 file name to tag actions that I run.

  1. %tvshow% - %tvepisodeid% - %title% - %year%
  2. %tvshowsort% - S%tvseason%E%tvepisode% - %titlesort% - %dummy%
    Today, %tvseason% %tvepisode% don't populate after the update to 2.92

Edit: I looked at it further and I can't manually add the data either.
I uninstalled 2.92 and installed 2.91 and it functions as it did prior to the upgrade.

I've fixed this with Mp3tag v2.92a which I've just released as a hot-fix release for this issue.

Those fields were written incorrectly with v2.92, so I found it important to bring this out as soon I had a fix for it.

Thanks for reporting!

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