Two exports at same time

It will be great to be able to select two (or more) export files in export dialog when exporting.
So that you can export files with two (or more) configurations at the same time (ex: html and m3u).

Or this solution (two exports in one file):

$filename(%_workingdir% (((Music List))).html)

%_workingdir% Music Directory & File List $loop(%_filename_ext%)%artist%$loopend() ...

#EXTINF:-1,----- %_directory% ($replace($replace(-%_total_time2%,-00:,),-,)) -------------------
X:----- %_directory% ($replace($replace(-%_total_time2%,-00:,),-,)) -------------------.x$loop(%_filename_ext%)
#EXTINF:%_length_seconds%,$if($or(%artist%,%title%),$if($not(%track%),,$num(%track%,2). ),)$if(%artist%,%artist% - %title%,%title%)$if($or(%artist%,%title%),,%_filename%)

I totally agree,

I think that a multiple export command would be extremely useful, I just recently modified my export templates, and to make all my current and archived albums conform to the new standard I have to replace each file, which includes doing the export command 4 times for each folder. A single export command to export my html/nfo/md5/m3u files would make this much easier. Yes I know that I make a lot of files for each folder, but I've gotten used to it and now it's a total habit...heh.

Try to use Ctrl+Shift+E to export your folders...
This way you have to do the export command only four times for all of your folders...


Yea, but with this request (multi export at same time) and Ctrl+Shift+E (One file per directory) you will have to do export command for all your folders in just one click (only one time).

I agree, a new feature is always welcome...

In the meanwhile Ctrl+Shift+E may help to save some time, isn't it?

Yes I totally agree.

Adding a new action type for the export is on my internal wish list but it's very low priority, because I'm working on other stuff at the moment.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Can we see your wish list?

Nope. But you can have a look at the Roadmap.

What's 'TBD' mentioned in the Roadmap?

To Be Decided.

Gets my vote also :slight_smile: