Two features request: Filename selection & Redo

Hello Florian,

I absolutely love your software, and I use it on a daily basis. I would like to request two features that I personally feel need of while using mp3tag.

  1. In the main table, column filename. Let's say the name of the file is "My Band - The Song.mp3". If I want to rename it, the text selection becomes "My Band - The Song" (without ".mp3"), which is perfect. But, if I deselect it and then try to select again from left to right using my keyboard with Ctrl + Shift + right, the text will be selected word by word, and instead of treating ".mp3" as a separate word, the program selects "Song.mp3" as a whole word.

Could you please consider implementing this little feature on your next release?

  1. I already asked for this about two years ago via email, it's about Redo function. Currently, there is Undo option, but I used Undo many times by accident, or not really knowing what is going to change, and then I end up with loss of my inputs because I needed to Redo it.

Thank you in advance for taking these two requests into account! :slight_smile:

I've added both

  • Redo, to redo the last undone action and
  • Repeat, to repeat the last action or action group

with Mp3tag v3.20a.

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