Two ideas from an active user

Hi, Mr. Florian!

I am using mp3tag constantly for already 4 years now (as far as I remember).
First of all - thank you, for this is one of the most useful programs I've ever seen.

During my (almost) daily usage, the thing that makes me sad is the following one:
I am making my own (and sometimes organizing others) rips from vinyls and cassettes. And one important thing that takes a lot of time is manually entering tracknumbers for each track - A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, C1, C2, C3 etc etc etc. Another thing (much less important) is: in case side A (for example) contains more than 9 tracks, I can't use functions to auto-format "A1, A2, A3" to "A01, A02, A03" when renaming files - and the list becomes unaligned.

And there is another small thing that I notice when I organize some old files: in case MP3 file has part of fields as v2 and part of fields as v1 - it is really hard to maintain such file. I can't easily batch-edit v1 data. I can't do a "combine tags" operation. The only way to do that for me was to manually export v2 to text files, then remove v2, then save v1 so that it becomes v2 and reimport missing data from files. But overall it was a difficult thing to do.

Thank you so much!
Best wishes to you and your family!

I would consider to create a user-defined fields that "side" that keeps the letter - as TRACK should only be numerical. A leading letter is not part of the standard.
TRACK could easily be numbered, using the track numbering wizard.
If you then want to rename the files, use
as part of the format string. This should then add the correct amount of padding.

As for your V1/V2 problem: as V1 tags are limited in respect to the maximum length, it should be easy to (mis-)use the filename as temporary data stoarage. Save the contents of the V1 fields to the filename, then read all tags again, then import the data from the filename to the tags.

What I find strange: Once you have read and saved such a file, the data in both tag versions should be in sync, unless you explicitly switched off reading an writing of one tag version in favour of the other. Is this the proceeding?
And one further thing: I would not export V2 tags as e.g. the picture is not included in the export. I would export V1 tags and add them to the still existing V2 tags.

For auto numbering of tracks within an album, you may apply an action "Format value" to format the TRACK value:

TRACK <== $num(%_counter%,$len(%_total_files%))'/'$num(%_total_files%,$len(%_total_files%))



Thank you for the answer.
Although leading letter is not part of the standard, still many applications correctly display it and parse it. The others simply display the numeric part of it or zeroes. In case i will use a user-defined field, ALL applications will display either the numeric part or zeroes.
It's obvious, that this is not an option.

By the way, mp3tag also ALLOWS saving letter in the track number.

I am just asking about autonumbering for letters+numbers (A1, AN, B1, BN etc) and for $num(%track%,2) to convert A1 to A01 if needed.

Regarding V1/V2 currently I can't provide any more information on this, because I don't remember that lot of problems which appeared when I worked with files which contained two or more versions of tags. But I can say, that for me would be nicer if mp3tag allowed selecting which version to edit + complete set of cross-copy-paste functions.

Just a reminder ... Mp3tag offers a rather open workbench ...
in case you are missing a feature or tool, then you may create your own tool by building up an action or a group of actions.
And also try to find something useful in the forum posts.

Example for creating an actiongroup ...
Action group name: Format &TRACK#&1 Set TRACK fix 01

How to create a running number ...
Action: Format value
Field: TRACK
Formatstring: $num(%_counter%,2)

How to put a letter before a running number ...
Action: Format value
Field: TRACK
Formatstring: 'A'$num(%_counter%,2)


And I recently have switched to a system where glued together 13th and 14th track from the 1st side of the 2nd vinyl [or tape] would be labeled as


As for the "should" part: they can be problems with unusual numbering / characters in the TRACK field within some audio formats, that are supported by Mp3tag. But as some of my posts on this forum explained it [with empirical data], you "should" stick to MP3, FLAC, TTA and WV formats; if you want to avoid such issues that is

Thank you! As a workaround - this can be ok for some time.
I created 4 actions - A#, B#, C#, D#, so for 2 vinyl I can now accomplish this using 8 clicks (selection+action x 4).