Two Ideas -- One Simple (Hopefully)

To make one of the best pieces of software in history even better...

First, please, please, please add an accelerator key for File | Load Playlist/Cuesheet. It doesn't have to be a control key, just being able to press Alt-F and then some key would make my day.

And last...right now when you run an export it waits for the export to complete before it asks if you want to launch the export file. However, I know if I am going to want to launch the export or not before I run it, so it would be easier if I could just indicate that on the export dialog and not have to wait and answer this question later (or at all). It would be really nice if this setting is remembered for each export.

Thank you thank you thank you for everything.

You can already add that shortcut by yourself.
Go to c:\Program Files\Mp3tag\lang
and open the .lng file of your language.
Search for _C_MNU_FILE_PLAYLIST and add a & before the letter of your choice:
Load Pla&ylist/Cuesheet...

I am finally returning to this issue and I attempted to edit the language file, but even if I just open the file and save it with no changes the next time I run MP3Tag I will get the following error: "You are using a wrong language file!" There is more message beyond that, but I doubt you need it.

Any ideas?

To me it looks as though you did not save the file as plain text but in some kind of rich format (e.g. rtf or word-doc). You may check this by opening the file with the windows Editor - if it shows some kind of weird characters, then there you have it.

Yep, you called it. Ultraedit converted the file.

Thanks. Perfect.