Two of the same tags?

I would like to remove the '.flacf' part from the ALBUM-tag. I thought it was a good idea to use the Replace option. Like this

When I do this, nothing happens, but when i look at the file with a ID-tag viewer from dbpoweramp, i see:

The file now has two versions of Album, one Album and one ALBUM.

what to do? I want that 'flacf.' frase out of all my tags and 1 album tag.

Please try it without the * in front of .flacf and without the ending *
You have to use the exact string you want to replace, without any wildcards.


And please don't replace it with a invisible character like a space.
A space is not "nothing" - it is just no more visible but still there.


If you replace your unwanted string with a space, you get this example result:
1981-03-14__-_San Diego (UAG)
The underscores just represent the number of spaces.

Thanks, you are absolute right. But still, it is doing nothing.

i cleaned up the files first, to try out with your advise, but endresult looks like:


any clues?

How does it look in Mp3tag, if you press Alt + T on your modified track?

You could also try (just to test) what do you get if you use Convert Tag -> Tag on one of your tracks:


You will see immediately how the string .flacf will be replaced with nothing in the ALBUM tag.

like this


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Can you please show us a screenshot of the applied Action?

That does something. Well, it adds a second Album tag (which i explained earlier). strange...

tried this, but NOT working

NOT working?

sorry, not. added it.

I see the problem.

You use the tagname ALBUM with an ending space!
Please use just ALBUM no leading, no ending space.

ALBUM with ending space is another tag name like STRANGETAG... :wink:

In Alt + T you can not see the difference between ALBUM and ALBUM_

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You got to be kidding. But no, you were right. my god! I spend a long time searching this!
Thank you so much!

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Has this resolved the problem so that all the original files have been modified?

If not, then it would be nice to see the data from a file before the action has been executed.
The reason behind it:
It does not look plausible to me that a field is referenced that does not exist, here the field with the trailing space in the name.
So, my suspicion is: both fields existed before the action was executed but only the "normal" field without the trailing space in the name was displayed while the action dealt with the field with the trailing space in the field name.
I doubt that a replace action leads to a duplication of fields that in the end have a similar name.

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