Two or more albums with the same name problem

This is more like a wide-scale MP3 problem rather than anything else, but how does one best deal with the situation where they're having to put the contents of two albums by different artists with the same album name in one place?

When I download an album, I reorganise the files and folders so that there is just the ALBUM folder, then the contents inside, like this example for a Fleetwood Mac album:

"tango in the night\1 01 FLEETWOOD MAC.mp3"

The album name is in lower case, then each MP3 has the discnumber and tracknumber followed by the album artist in upper case (the case is a personal choice).

But sometimes the situation arises that in the same folder might be another album with the same name, but by a different artist. I figured that I could put them in the same folder and the MP3 tags would "separate" them into their relevant albums with no issue, but it seems that doesn't work at all. It seems that separate folders ARE needed.

In the end, I decided that for two same-name albums, I should put the album artist in brackets after the album name and retag that way, but it looks ugly. What's worse is if I get a new album with the same name as an existing one, I have to go to the other one and retag accordingly, and that's a pain in the arse when all your MP3s are burnt onto DVD-R!

So how does one elegantly solve this problem? Do the albums need to be in separate folders? Do media library/database systems for players insist on this?

There always is a possibility of duplicate filenames in a folder but your scheme of soting provokes these diuplicates.
Normally (as I do) you would sort by artist or albumartist\album. So you only have to deal with duplicate album names of the same artist or you sometimes have 2 artists with the same name.

Looking at the album name "Greatest Hits" I see coming a lot of additional naming for you.

You cannot expect that the content of tags has influence on the file-system. In windows t is not allowed to have the same filename for several files in one folder. This rule is case-insensitive.

Just been experimenting with two "greatest hits" albums with the artist added in brackets after the album title (as a tag), and doing what you said and it does work... but ONLY if I put the albums by album artist order, NOT album order! Same goes for my foobar2000 config!

Up until now, all my albums have been sorted by album, and it was a real nuisance trying to figure out which album artist was behind each one - with album art it's easier but still quite hard when there's no wording or picture of the artist in the image, with a list of album names by themselves it's practically impossible!

Looks like I've got a lot of reorganising to do! At least I can create ISO images of the folders with ImgBurn to archive them as storage until I get some new DVD-Rs.

Thanks once again!

With this naming scheme you will get an awful lot of files with the name "1 01 FLEETWOOD MAC.mp3" - one in each album folder.
Try to think of it the way the tracks are in the real world: how would you distinguish between various Greatest Hits Albums there?
If you use the different cover, then use this information in the album name, e.g. add the cover size.
If you look at the artist name, then add the artist name.
And so on.

I don't refer to the files for the tag info, I can get that from Mp3tag or the media player. :slight_smile:

In any case, I am converting the filenames using this script:

%albumartist%\%album%$num(%discnumber%,1) $num(%track%,2) %albumartist%

but am running into additional problems (see other thread).