two problems

I have two problems that you might not regard as bugs, but it would be nice if they could be fixed. First, when I search for "Fakebook" with the Musicbrainz web source, it returns an error because there is only one result for that search, and Musicbrainz returns the actual album page instead of a search results page. Mp3tag can't parse the "search results", and it returns an error. If there was some way, either in Mp3tag or the web source script, to check to see if this case occurs and if so, jump to the "album" parser, that would fix the problem.

Another problem I've encountered is after searching for an album (also with Musicbrainz), then selecting the album I'm looking for and clicking Ok, I sometimes get a bunch of ""s in the album window because I'm assuming Mp3tag didn't get the full HTML to parse, or maybe it times out. It usually works after I try using the web source again, so it's not a problem with the parser, or any specific album. Something is happening where the parser isn't able to work properly, and it would be nice to have a "Retry" button (that re-requests the album page) on this window too.



One more suggestion, it'd also be nice to be able to enter in a URL of an album on Musicbrainz for the times where you can't find it through the web sources dialog for whatever reason (like searching for "Greatest Hits", which returns hundreds of results). It'd be easier to search by artist on the Musicbrainz site, find the exact album I'm looking for, then enter that URL into Mp3tag for parsing by the web sources parser like normal. I think all that you'd need to do is add a text field for manual URLs on the first web sources results window...


Hi Florian,

I just wanted to let you know I'm still having the same problem I had before, this time with the albums 'Carnavas' by Silversun Pickups and 'Cryptograms' by Deerhunter (along with the 'Fakebook' album I mentioned before). For both of those, there's only one result, and Musicbrainz returns the actual album page instead of a list of results (one in this case), which causes the parser to fail. You can verify this by just searching for those albums with the Musicbrainz web source. Is there any way around this? It'd be nice if in the Web Source Framework there was a JumpToParserScriptAlbum command or something. The other suggestion I had (in the reply just above this) would partially solve this problem, being able to enter in the specific album page to parse. Might be worth considering...

Thanks for your help. Mp3tag is still the best program out there. Keep up the good work!


By the way, this is with v2.38 w/latest musicbrainz.src

I've fixed the one hit problem in the archive (yes, for it to be perfect we need such a JumpTo command)

Works great dano, thank you so much! I figured there might be a way to trick Mp3tag like that...