TwonkyMedia Server - Tags Wertung/Schlagwort

:music: Hello,
i use TwonkyMedia Server - an i want to write the Tags ´for "Wertung" and "Schlagwort" (evtl. Keyword).

It is possible with Mp3 Tag or another Programm?

Thank You

Yes, it is. You can put any field you need in the tag panel (File -> Options -> Tag panel -> Add field).
Or you can customize columns (right click on the header -> Customize columns). Description is here.
Or just simply right-click on the file or selection of files, select the Extended Tags, and then press the button "Add field".

The Tag Panel is good for mass tagging (all selected file get the field and value you enter), the columns part is good for tagging file-by-file. The third method is good for occasional use.

Thank You for the Help,

but wich Tag is in Twonky Media for (in german) "Wertung" - it is not "Rating MM" und "Rating WMP"
and for "Schlagwort" it is not "Initalkey" ???


You should ask TM support which ID3v2 frames they use.
But it seems it is impossible: