txt export


Hello, i have a problem while exporting. It exports only the first file tag from the list although all files are highlighted. I'm using standard txt_taglist.mte
Everything was ok previous, now it doesn't work.
Do you know the solution?
Many greetings


What's the content of your txt_taglist.mte ?


RECORDLINE01=%artist% - %title%



standard, nothing changed since installing.


You are using the old export templates. Read the help for more information how to create an export configuration yourself.



To make it a little easier, this is the new standard content of this file:

$filename(txt)$loop(%_path%)%artist%  -  %album%  -  %title%  -  %track%  -  %year%  -  %genre%  -  %comment%

You can replace the old lines with it.