Type of Playlist

Below is a screenshot of how the playlist on my player is formatted. Is there a way to modify the export function such that the M3U playlists created will generated in this format? I'm newbie and still trying to find my way around.

I appreciate any assistance or comments.

Thank you

Do not use the playlist generation function but the export function.
There create a new export script in which you copy as a template the first set of the already generated playlist, you keep the text constants and replace the specific data with an Mp3tag variable, e.g.
"Title": %title%
As you want to get the already seen order, use a $loop(1) to keep it.

You would have to do some replacing for the backslashes in the filename.

This is some JSON-based playlist format. That should help you get started.

Thank you for the info. I'll look closer at it.

I appreciate your response.

Thank you. I'll take a look at the link to see what info it provides.

I appreciate your response