Uconnect not displaying mp3 tag for year - all other tags display fine

All the .mp3 files on my device show as ID3 v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3) and tags were set with mp3tag. For some reason the "year" tag displays as "unknown" in my vehicle using Uconnect. Album, album art, title, artist, and genre all work perfectly though. Year displays perfectly in other media apps just fine, though, so I am at a loss for why this is happening.

Not a major issue, but I was wondering if Uconnect is trying to read some tag I don't know about it. Looking for advice on how I can figure out what's going on and potentially fix this issue.


That looks like Uconnect in your vehicle can't read the YEAR tag.

Do you have any other mp3 showing the YEAR tag correctly using Uconnect?
If yes, you could compare this mp3 loading it in Mp3tag and then pressing Alt+T (or menu View -> Extended Tags) and check which tag contains the data displayed in your vehicle as year.

Nope. All my mp3 files show "unknown" for year under song info. I was wondering if it was trying to read a different tag that I was unaware of, or perhaps it expects a different tagging format.

There are a few other standard tags available that can potentially be the ones the Uconnect system uses. Try adding Vales for the COPYRIGHT, DATE and RELEASETIME fields and see if any of those populate your list.

Could it be that your devide only supports V1 tags? as you use

where the albumart could be an external file?
The V1 standard supports: 30 bytes each for the title, artist, album, and a "comment", 4 bytes for the year, and 1 byte to identify the genre of the song from a predefined list of values.
So, could it be that the YEAR has other data than just 4 bytes/digits?