Ugh I'm lost


I've read the FAQs, tried making sens of this but I'm lost. I have 600 songs I need to rename, I've managed to find a list of every song, and I now need to import it... How could I manage this...


You can use Convert, :mt_tff: Taglist-file - Tag to import from text files.


I still haven't made sens out of this program... What does my text file have to look like? Would something like this work?
A Hard Day's Night
Abby Road
Anthology 1
Anthology 2
Anthology 3
Beatles For Sale
Let It Be
Let It Be Sessions
Live At The BBC
Magical Mystery Tour
Past Masters Volume 1
Past Masters Volume 2
Please Please Me
Rubber Soul
Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
White Album
With The Beatles
Yellow Submarine

What do I have to put in formastring? Does my file with all the names have to be in a certain format, such as rich-text, or maybe txt or something else?


A plain text file..
That looks like a list of 24 album names, if you have 600 files that won't work.
You need one line per file in the text file.