Un-supported vs. no-extension files

I would like to point out the fact the Mp3tag does not load files it cannot handle; and they do no show up at all on the list of files

And yet at the same time it does load up and show files without extensions

Sometimes when I am preparing a playlist, I make notes in form files without extension; ans so when I load up the folder to Mp3tag I [unnecessary] have them on the list

Mp3tag should either load and show up everything or limit itself only to the supported formats

Please show me how you did it.
I just created a file (originating in a text file) called
Mp3tag did not show that file in the files list regardless of how many times I tried to refresh the files list.
I then added " *.;" to the list of extentions that MP3tag should load.
This extension was not kept. Any time I opened the dialog File>Options>Tags, the added extension was gone.
The explorer still shows the file without extension as one of the type "file" with the default file icon.

Just curious ... which application do you use and how do you open such file extension less text files?
And what did you do in the settings "Mp3tag/Tools/Options/Tags/Tags"?


I do not recall doing anything

I long as I can remember it always was like this for me

That is what also I do: I use listed option from the shell menu to create a TXT file or any other file, be it in Windows Explorer or FreeCommander, name it and remove the extension. Or I can copy any file and rename it to whatever, also without extension. And it will show on the list of files in Mp3tag. But if I re-add to it an extension like MIDI or JPG it will not longer be loaded up; but then I can remove the extension and once more put it on the list

I Was not aware of that option under the

File > Options > Tags > Tags > Restrict Incoming Files to:

What I have there is

*.aac; *.ape; *.apl; *.asf; *.flac; *.mp+; *.mp1; *.mp2; *.mp3; *.mp4; *.m4a; *.m4b; *.mpc; *.ogg; *.ofr; *.ofs; *.spx; *.tta; *.wma; *.wv; *.tak; *.oga; *.flc; *.m4v; *.opus; *.dsf; *.wav; *.wav; *.aif; *.aifc; *.aiff;

And just now I tried adding a fake "*.mp333" format to the list. It stays there but does not allow for loading files in MP333 format [while for example Winamp does allow and even recognizes them as a real MP3 format and plays them]. The same thing happens with a FLAC turned to a fake *.flac2; in that it does not show up in Mp3tag despite of being listed under the Restrict Incoming Files list

I do not keep text in them- they are the text themselves

Those are merely small / quick notes, often written with >>! << in front of them, so that they will be listed [alphabetically] in the beginning top of the file list of a given folder [thus being visible right away upon entering a folder]. And sometimes such a note I put in form of a sub-folder [if there are many normal sub-folders and the files are shown after them - only after scrolling of the view]

For 99% I did not do anything and had the same behavior on Windows XP, as I have now on Windows 7 x64

I just tried it on a W7 system:
Create a new file (text in this case)
Named it
! small note.txt
(refresh file list in Mp3tag - does not show)
remove the txt:
! small note.
(refresh file list in Mp3tag - does not show)
remove even the dot:
! small note
(refresh file list in Mp3tag - does not show)

So in my OS world MP3tag behaves as it should.
So, what could be different/special in your environment that causes this behaviour?

The problem with the extensions and format recognition has been topic of a German thread. MP3tag relies on the extension and does not interpret the file structure. That is the way it is.

Please post a screenshot.

I do not know

But it seems I have for the second time a behavior / bug that no one else has?: /t/17863/1


I have the same behavior- but I do not practice it

I do not refresh- I load up or add up; and that is a different thing from refreshing list of files

Try creating a file, remove its extension- and the drag and drop only that file in Mp3tag

Yes, I can reproduce to get MP3tag to show files without extension in the files list when you drag&drop them into the files list, be it as the only file or as an added file.
The files has to be an explicit part of the list of selected files - if such a file is "hidden" in a folder, it is ignored.
The d&d effect does not work with files with extension, e.g. folder.jpg: such a file is still ignored. It has to be a file without extension.

So, how can I show on a list a real MP3 file in a fake MP333 container?

I have it registered in my Windows 7 x64; in that I have an icon for it, it is associated with Winamp and it's playable in various players

So why does it not show up in Mp3tag?

With Mp3tag v2.90c, files without extension are not loaded anymore.

Yeah, I posted so many requests and bugs reports that I might be unintentionally repeating myself [Files without extension are shown as associated with Winamp]. Especially that I usually first think about posting, if its worth at all, and how to put it in English; and sometimes I refrain from posting

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