Files without extension are still loaded up under specific condition

This is still true

Unfortunately when I send files from FreeCommander to Mp3tag with the help of Mp3tag TC Button made by @dano [HowTo - Start Mp3tag from Total Commander / FreeCommander], all files without extensions end up being displayed in an error pop up window, which contains a list of them with added information to each of them: "File [...] cannot be accessed.''. Also if I select as little as even one audio file plus an extension-less file and then right click to access the shell menu and chose from it Mp3tag entry- they are sent to Mp3tag but I also get in it the same error box. So this shows, that it is not the fault of the Button

These same files when however selected and in whatever number when dragged and dropped to Mp3tag window do not produce such pop up window. So this duality shows, that this is a bug

I am using Windows 10 Enterprise 18362 with Mp3tag 2.96 and FreeCommander XE 2018 Build 770 32-bit public

I've fixed that with Mp3tag v2.97b.


Thank you- my day to day work has become a little more pleasant

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