Unable to Add Mulltiple Covers in One Session

add Cover" by right clicking on the Cover icon.

I attempted to add a cover and move to a different file and do the same before saving the first cover. I found this was not possible.

I found I could only add one cover at a time and save that file and was not able to add a cover then another to another file etc. It would not allow me to add covers to multip[le files and save them as a batch job. It forgot the other covers already added, only allowing 1 cover added to 1 files and saving that 1 file before moving onto another,

Would it be possible to add the option of adding covers to multiple files and saving them all at once.



To add multiple covers ...

First of all: you can only embed the same set of covers to multiple files.
The best way to embed several covers would be:
Select all the files that should get the same picture(s).
Press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue.
Press the "New" button next to the picture frame (this is empty if there is no cover yet).
Navigate to the location of the first picture and confirm its selection.
Press the "New" button again for the next picture and embed it in a similar fashion.

Finally, click OK to save the changes.

How did you do it?
(And where is the bug?)

Sorry ohrenkino but I think there is an other bug in this procedure.

As far as I understand the ID3V2.x Definition, it is only allowed to have one Picture for a Picture type.
This means only one Front-Cover (Typ 3), one Back-Cover (Typ 4), one PNG-Icon (Typ 1), ...

Therefore, if sombody want to attach more thane one Picture to a MP3-File the Program should ask for a Picture Type (other than front cover).

THe specification in http://id3.org/id3v2.3.0 says
"There may only be one picture with the picture type declared as picture type $01 and $02 respectively. " With the definition of
"$01 32x32 pixels 'file icon' (PNG only)
$02 Other file icon"
It says nothing about the following types.
In MP3tag you cannot select the types $01 and $02 but all the others - and there as many as you like of each type.

You may run files with several pictures of the type cover through MP3diags or view them in iTunes and you will see that all the covers are detected and not categorized as illegal.

So I see no bug here.

When you use an action to import the pictures, you can set the type in each action.
When you import the covers with the extended tags dialogue, you can set the cover type by right-clicking on the picture frame.

This only applies to the tag panel. It works just the way you want it in the extended tags dialogue.
In the tag panel you have to save the each picture individually, but you can add as many pictures as you like.

It was the sentence before:
"There may be several pictures attached to one file, each in their individual "APIC" frame, but only one with the same content descriptor."

Maybe I have misunderstood this sentence and with the request of an the unique Content Descriptor not the Picture type but an unique Content of the Description-Field in the APIC-Frame was meant.
And maybe this rule is only valid if the Description-Field in the APIC-Frame is filled too (and my suggestion of a buggy workflow should be better a Feature request, since both input opportunities are missing).
But for me 2 empty Description Fields looks identically and what else beneath of Picture Type and Description could be than the unique "Content descriptor".

with best regards Thomas G.M. Mainka

Is this becoming an academic discussion or are there actual incidents where APIC frames with the same category cause problems?
Just as an indication: MP3diags only displays an error message if there are more than one APIC frame in a file and NONE ist of the type "front".
So I would not bother about that.
As it is possible to add more than one picture in one go (even if not with all GUI elements in identical ways) I still see not bug.

I am seeing this problem as well. I am selecting the multiple tracks from a folder then right clicking the cover window select add and the desired cover appears. Click save and from the MP3Tag editor window is shows each individual track with the desired cover but when viewing the tracks from file explorer the cover does not appear for each track. It will randomly show the icon of the default application. I can then select each track and save the cover individually and then they show correctly from file explorer. When I return to MP3Tag editor select all the tracks in the cover section it then shows a blank cover with the words "Cover varies". I have also tried this with the procedure stated above using ctrl t with the same results. On top of this I have tried to remove the cover from all the tracks and then save them again with the same results but different tracks from the previous attempt will get missed when viewing in file explorer.

The file explorer is no good test environment.
The file explorer stores image in a thumbs.db file which has to be updated. Also, it uses folder.jpg files if there are any.
So take care that you have these objects updated.

If you edit files with different tool that has its own mechanisms to import graphics it is no wonder that the embedded covers do not match.
You can add a column in MP3tag that shows the size of the embedded covers.
In general: this does not seem to be an issue of MP3tag but of the file explorer.

I am not sure why this would be the case? The only tool that I am using is MP3tag. Could you explain why the covers from file explorer vary? When I use MP3tag to update the file it will show changes made from the previous view in file explorer prior to using MP3tag editor. So to me it looks like MP3tag has made changes but they are not consistent. Also what would you suggest as a good test environment? thanks

A good test environment would be a real player like e.g. foobar2000 (or even WMP, if you like).
As the Windows Explorer also creates the hidden file thumbs.db which has to be updated, it could be that you do not see the thumbnails from the files but from the thumbnail cache.

To check if you have the same picture in each file create a column with %_cover_size% as value and compare sizes between files.

Thanks for your help in explaining. I did try both suggestions (Winamp & %_cover_size% and they worked. It is just a strange anomaly that when I convert a CD with AVS Audio Converter all the covers will appear in Windows File Explorer. Then I use Mp3tag to update additional tags on top of it that AVS does not cover. I will then see files in File Explorer that do not show cover art. There must be something in Mp3tag that affects this since it is the only common factor.

If not already exist, then create within the Mp3tag List view one column with the properties ...
Name: TagRead (TagTypes)
Value: %_tag_read% ['('%_tag% ')']
... and other property fields blank.

Do have a look at this info field, does the content change while doing the update process, which you have described?