Unable to connect toTag Sources

When trying to find tag source non of them are working Discog, Amason, MusicBrains.
How do i get them to connect to find album art and album info

Does MP3tag have internet access?
Test this with Hlep>Check for new version.
If you don't get a message box, then MP3tag does not have internet access. You then would have to check your network configuration, probably the list of blocked programs in the firewall.

See also here:

Or here:

Also make sure you're using the latest version of Mp3tag.

You mentioning an Amazon Tag Source makes me suspicious :face_with_monocle: — the Amazon Tag Source is long removed from the program and the others have seen multiple updates since then.

I'm having a (perhaps) similar problem (just started today). When I try to connect to Musicbrainz or Discogs, I get a "The file is corrupted" error. Mp3tag also prompts for a new Discogs auth code each time I try to use it.

Running 2.97.


Can you post a screenshot of this error message?

This morning everything is working (although I did have to reauthorize Discogs again). If it happens again, I'll post a screenshot. Thanks.

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