Unable to convert TTA files with tags anymore

It seems that some time ago Mp3tag started to break my TTA files

Here is a sample file: sample.zip (2.4 MB)

If I convert this TTA to WAV with the usage of free Tau Producer, then such WAV file in myvery old audio editor spills ambiguous could not be opened error. But if I try to convert this WAV to FLAC with the usage of dBpoweramp Music Converter 17.2, then this WAV file spills a more specific Error RIFF chunk unknown 'ID3' [clRIFFHandler::ScanFile]

And so I used the Extended Tags feature on some of my TTA files to check, if something was added to them- but no, I do not see nothing new / different about my tags. But if I wipe all data from tag fields and once again convert the very same erroneous TTA to WAV, then such WAV is both editable and convertable

And so at this point it the culprit could be both Tau Producer [which creates my TTA files] or Mp3tag [which modifies them over time], right? However: I went to my backup copies looking for some TTA files- and as I suspected, older TTA files after being converted o WAV format have zero issues with being handled by my audio editor and other audio converters. And by older I mean those that have not been touched by newer versions of Mp3tag - but it would be very hard for me to determine by which exact version. For now I can attest that Mp3tag version from 2021 01 was still good

And which MP3tag version did you use now?
3.14a is the up-to-date version at the moment
Which has this change:
CHG: added workaround for non-null padding bytes for INFO subchunks in WAV and AIF. (#56892)

Thanks. I’ll try it.

So this is why I am recently also unable to edit tags in WAV files?

I installed 3.14a [over 3.14], but this problem with both file formats persists

And assuming that newer version of Mp3tag will take care of WAV format issue - it will not address it within the TTA? Because whatever is messed with tag data, it is messed in my TTAs, which then just copy glitches from TTA to WAV during conversion?

I am not sure what these questions have to do with finding the cause for your problem.
You are the one who has a certain workflow in which you found a problem.
I saw that there have been changes in treating wav files and you mentionend them, I thought, it would be quite nice from me to show you this change as you did not state that you had taken that into consideration prior to posting this bug report.

So right now I would think that it would be up to you to check in your environment where the source for your problems is.
Or it would be nice to supply files, detailed descriptions of what to do and how anyone who has not got your setup can reproduce the error.

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Slightly off-topic from the issue at hand, but based on the situation - Is there a benefit you see using TTA versus some of the more commonly used lossless codecs like FLAC? I’m curious if there is something specific like file size or encoding speed, or simply just a personal choice. I don’t see much info about this format online, and looks like player support is limited.

On the off-topic matter: jump to the "All I need is a second lossless audio file system" fragment in APE files problem - #5 by Zerow

That list of mine there is a little outdated but the principle for using TTA is right there. [Although recently I have been thinking of switching from TTA to M4A, but it all comes to finding an optimal third lossless audio format, which I would be able to use without serious constrains in Mp3tg, Winamp and file converters. TTA was not optimal but it had the least drawbacks. A right now I am using also FLACs, WVs and of course MP3s]

[As for the reported issue- I will get back to it later on]

Seems to me like a problem related to your very old audio editor that's not able to process files produced by the converters linked in your OT.

It's most likely not related to Mp3tag, moved to #off-topic

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But is used to work A-OK plus I can clearly see [based on dates of files] that it only stopped working at some specyfic point in time. And the only element changed in my software equation was a version of Mp3tag

I would like to point you all to to the version of Tau Producer that I am using but I simply cannot get a response to my e-mail inquiry sent to its developers, while that download page TTA Lossless Audio Codec - Browse /tta at SourceForge.net is just nu-readable

I don't see a connection between Mp3tag and your problem.

I converted your TTA file using tta version 2.3 and this command line:
tta -d "Darth Vader's Death [M3] .tta" - > file.wav

The resulting WAV file had no tags.
It played in Winamp, VLC, Groove, Foobar and Audacity.

I then used Mp3tag to copy the tag (ID3v2.3) from the original TTA file to the new WAV file.
Once again, the file played without problems in the above mentioned applications.

Also, the new WAV file could be converted to FLAC by Foobar and Audacity without an issue.

Maybe you should re-examine your workflow and/or the software you are using.


My Audacity 2.4.2 also is capable of opening a WAV file crated from that sample TTA - which my old audio editor Sony Sound Forge 7.0 is not, may I remind you. So that would point to that editor as culprit, right?

But also AIMP 4.70 is able to convert without a sweat such WAV to FLAC - thus achieving something than my main converter dBpoweramp Music Converter 17.2 is incapable of. So as both of those converters are a contemporary pieces of software, thus the theory of my audio editor being too thus being the culprit gets debunked, because sees that WAV as a valid one and the other does not

It also gets debunked on account of me using the same software in the past and on recreating version of restoring operating system from over a year ago and still experiencing the same problem

I tried removing data one tag field at the time and checking if newly created WAV from [more and more] stripped down TTA still generated this issue. In the end it was like this: if that sample TTA had all tag fields cleared of any data then a WAV derived from it created no problems - but if even one tag field had as little as one sign, then a WAV would not be read as a valid file by Sony Sound Forge 7.0 and dBpoweramp Music Converter 17.2

And as I installed my Tau Producer once more [and also restored operating system], the only culprit seems to be Mp3tag. Because nothing else changed in my software set-up aside form versions of Mp3tag and my experiments shows that it comes down to data in tag fields provided by Mp3tag

A working workflow has been described in the previous post:

And that workflow shows that there is nothing wrong with MP3tag.

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Whatever was and is happening, I finally found a solution

In Tau Producer al I need to do now is change:

Option > Settings > File Tags Options > Copy Tags > Never

and the created WAVs are tags free thus editable / readable in every piece of my software