Unable to Copy tags out to e.g. Notepad


On V2.33 I select an audio file, Edit | Copy. But then when in Notepad I Edit | Paste, nothing happens.

Any idea why?


PS file:///C:/Program%20Files/Mp3tag/help/main_commands.html#mnuedit says


Copies text from an edit field to the clipboard.
If one or more audio files are selected, Mp3tag copies its tags to the clipboard.


The tags are saved in a custom format inside the Windows Clipboard. They are meant to be pasted in MP3Tag (if you have the same songs as WMA and MP3 for example, you can copy and paste the tags from the WMA files to the MP3 files).


Hmm... why not make the data available in standard text format? As does other programs e.g. JRiver Media Center.


Why not use the export feature? :unsure:


I do.


MP3Tag uses a custom clipboard format so people don't paste their Word documents by mistake. :slight_smile: