Unable to Edit Disc Number


I would like to edit the disc number, but it won't let me. You can edit the track number but not the disc number. Could this be included in the next update, please?

Are we talking about the tag %discnumber%?
Then I don't understand the problem as this tag has been around for ages and can be edited just as long.
So: what do you really want?
Check the "Extended Tags" dialogue whether the tag discnumber exists, if not, press the "New" button and select discnumber from the dropdown list. Enter a value, save the data.
If you want to see the discnumber permanently in the files list, then add a column.

See the image? You can edit the track number when you click the space in the track column but when you do that under disc number the edit box won't appear....

I had the same problem,

but when under "Customize Colums" - Disc Number column
I changed the value and field to both read %discnumber%.

I could edit it.

EDIT 17:54 Added Capture

Check the definition for the column:
right-click on the column header for the menu Columns ...
select in the list of columns the entry for disc number.
Enter as value and as field %discnumber%.

That worked for me! Thanks, guys. Case closed. :slight_smile: