Unable to edit tags


I am unable to edit the tags in a few of my FLAC files.
When I try, I get the following error message "File Name" cannot be accessed.
The tracks can be played (on my laptop at least) and I have been able to edit all other tracks from the same CD. Using Cuetools to validate the rip tells me it is accurate!
I have the same problem with TagScanner except that it shows length as 00:00, size -1B and Tag none. MP3Tag for the same track gives; length 12:27 and TAG FLAC

can anyone help?

The first things that comes to mind are,

  1. Are these files flagged Read Only by the OS ?
  2. Do you have enough rights to edit these files ?
  3. Do these Specific Flac Files still play ? If not it could be that they are corrupt. (Already answered)

I have found that if your settings are set to NOT share a file or folder or directory, MP3TAG will not save tag data.

If I read your reply correctly, it means that if you DO SHARE a file or folder or directory, MP3TAG will save tag data ? Is that what you mean ??

I am having a similar problem too. I have a few flac and mp3 files that can't be accessed. Files aren't "Read Only". When loaded in MP3TAG there's no information for Codec, Bitrate, Frequency, and Length. However, files play fine on my PC; I just can't edit at all. Thanks!

Have the mp3 files checked with mp3val or foobar - it looks as though they are corrupt.
You could also try to have them recoded with winmp3packer with the option to strip any non-mp3-data. Afterwards you would have to retag them, though.
I do not anything about the flac files.

Thank you very much for your advice, Ohrenkino. I deleted some unnecessary folders that were with the problem MP3s and renamed some others and I could then tag without problems. I don't know why this worked, however. I will look at the software you mentioned as I am sure I will encounter further problem files; I've just started to organize my music collection on the PC. Thanks!