Unable to load aiff files

Hi, all. Like the title suggests, I cannot load *.aiff files into the software. I try to add them via a directory import and dragging them into the screen and no joy. What am I doing wrong?


As far as you described what you do: Nothing.

In the standard configuration MP3Tag can handle AIFF-Files.
Have a look at
and have at look at the list of the restricted suffixes if *.aiff ist in the list.

It is also possible that you have activated a filter-expression that keeps the loaded files from the view. (F3).
In this case you can see in the right lower corner that files are loaded.

Hi, thanks for the response. I checked and the settings are as follows


It says "restrict files to..." which logically means it will allow the mentioned types, not deny

I also checked the F3 filter and nothing

Then I cannot see a reason for your problem. I tested some AIFF-Files here and have no problem with loading files per drag&drop, loading a directory or context menue.

I suggest to install Mp3Tag again.

It is not quite clear what you mean by that:
What does the status bar show? A plain number (not equal to 0) or a number plus one in brackets?
In general: you can add more or less any extension to the list of extensions in the options and MP3tag will load them. So you could add pdf, txt and jpg and they will appear in the files list.
Only: they cannot be tagged.
So it is a little mysterious why you don't see any files at all.

OK, i was using version 2.44 for some reason and now with the latest it's working perfectly. I exported my configuration as a mtg file and the new version won't accept it (looking for a ini file)

The configuration is usually saved as a zip file.
V2.44 was out of date since 2009.
AIFF support was added in 2016.
So that never would have worked.

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