Unable to only have ID3v2.3 tags saved

Long time user of Mp3Tag (used on my 45,600 mp3 files), but have always had one issue.

My vehicle will play mp3 files on flash drives. It will also display the file's cover art, but with some restrictions, no ID3v1 tags allowed, only ID3v2.3 UTF-16 tags. In the Options - Mpeg - Write section, I told it not to write ID3v1 or APEv2 tags. In the Remove section, to remove the ID3v1 and APE tags. So far, I have not been able to get Mp3Tag to remove those ID3v1 tags. That still forces me to use Winamp to remove those ID3v1 tags manually for each file. All the other fields (including adding cover art) I edit in Mp3Tag are successfully changed.

What am I doing wrong in trying to remove those ID3v1 tags in Mp3Tag?

You probably did not tell MP3Tag to remove tags.
This selection in Tools -> Options-> Tags -> MPEG -> Remove is relevant if you command MP3Tag to remove tags, not just at any save-action.
So press the red-cross-icon or CTRL+r.

The CTRL+r worked, but raises another issue. I have a SSD as my C-drive, so I am trying to minimize unnecessary writes to it. I noticed that CTRL+r does an immediate write, requiring a 2nd write when I fill in all the other tags. Each write does > 60MB, something that is not required using Winamp. Is there a way to tell Mp3Tag to remove the ID3v1 tags but not do a write until I do a save?

Why should it be necessary to remove the V1-tag to fill in the next information?
You only see the MP3tag frontend and that caters for all tag versions, even though not all of them are written.
Also, I doubt that it is necessary to re-write a file every time you modifiy data. If you stay with the same file structure (with V2 tags at the front and perhaps at the end of a file and V1 tags at the end or no V1 tags at the end) then the complete file only gets written if the padding is not big enough.

On the endurance of your ssd, I found this article:

The conclusion in the article:
"the average consumer would have to use his or her computer more or less nonstop for a decade, maybe even multiple decades. Even gamers or “power users” will probably never reach the stated maximum amount of data written for a drive under its warranty.
In other words: You’ll probably upgrade your entire computer before your SSD fails."

When I filled in all the fields that needed to be updated, then did my CTRL+r (required so that the ID3v1 tag is removed, needed to have all fields and cover art displayable in both vehicle's music systems, see the previous part of this posting), all of the updated fields are lost by that CTRL+r. So that whether I do the CTRL+r first or last, not all fields will be updated at the same time, requiring 2 separate writes functions. Those 2 separate write functions are what I'm trying to eliminate.

As for the SSD, this is less than the first year of use of this drive, and 7.30 TB have been written so far (according to that SSD's monitoring tool), giving an estimate of > 19 TBs of writes per year. I am also in year 12 of this desktop and my 3rd SSD drive, and will have to keep the currently software and hardware indefinitely, since the software tool I use is not supported (or works) on Windows 7 or newer, with the software purchased by a new company and promptly dropped.

Removing ID3v1 doesn’t rewrite the file, instead the file is truncated (which is basically setting the EOF marker to a different offset). I’m assuming that this operation doesn’t create any significant stress on your SSD.

Also, Mp3tag is currently designed in the way, that tag editing and tag removal are two distinct functions — changing this, would be a huge effort. I’ll keep it that way for now.