Unable to open file for editing when loading many (60k+) files


I am trying to use MP3Tag to edit my whole iTunes library, which is over 80K+ and it crashed as the system ran out of memory. I tried again after lowering the RAM used by my caching software and MP3Tag loaded 63K+ files that I had on one media folder. When I tried to edit the files some would not allow me to write to the file. While this was occurring I tried changing tags in iTunes and had no problem changing tags on the same exact files.

I then loaded a subset of folders from the main folder, constituting 2500 files and MP3Tag had no problems editing the same files it would not write to before. So it seems this has to do with the amount of files loaded. This would not be a problem if I could load more files in batches, but unfortunately MP3Tag does not allow you to add multiple folders to a set already loaded, just one folder at a time.

I would love to load everything so I can tag whole albums which are broken up over different artists (I did not use VA before, but now want to use it for compilation albums). Hopefully I am doing something wrong. Please advise on how to circumvent this bug. Thanks!

Have you switched on the library function in Tools>Options>Library?

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No, I have not. That is a new one for me. I have to read up on how that functions. Thanks!

Here is the section I found on how to use this feature: https://docs.mp3tag.de/customization/options/library

I will try this out and report back.

I assume that if I follow these instructions: Configure exclusions for files opened by specific processes | Microsoft Docs
and enter mp3tag.exe as the value, and enable the exclusion, that I have done all I need to have all files opened by mp3tag.exe excludee from defender scans.

You can add multiple folders to MP3Tag via the windows explorer or another suitable file manager.
Just mark the folders in the explorer and drag them to MP3Tag while pressing CTRL.

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Ah, thanks! I don't know why I did not think of that. I kept dragging over and it would replace the files. It is only logical that pressing CTRL would add the tracks :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: Duh!! Thanks for introducing some oxygen into my old brain!

I have enabled the Library option and things are working much more smoothly. Only one crash to report. Thanks ohremkino, once again, for your help!

If MP3tag crashes again, it would be worthwhile to see whether that happens always with the same files and then check those for consistency as suggested in the HowTos.

Will do. It happened with processing a bunch of files overnight. I will keep an eye on it and report back if I find anything pertinent to add. Thanks again!

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