Unable to open files to edit tag info


I recently downloaded MP3tag. I'm a Win7 x64 user.

Since a recent firmware update to my MP3 player I lost all album artwork. A real pain for someone as OCD about that sort of thing as I am. It was suggested that it may be a firmware issue so I reverted/downgraded back to the previous version. I still don't have my artwork.

When I installed MP3tag and pointed it to my Music directory on my external drive it found all my music. I filtered for "beggars banquet" selected all files and added album artwork. I saved changes and it worked fine. I tested it by re-uploading the album to my MP3 player and the artwork was there. Great!

When I went back to start doing the same thing with other files/albums MP3tag let me make the changes. However, when I clicked Save this time I got an error message for each relevant track:

"...XXXX.mp3 file cannot be opened for writing..."

Any ideas what's going on here? It's odd that it let me do this once and now I can't get it to work.

Thank you all in advance for any help/assistance.

How much space is left on that drive?

Hi, I have a 250GB external drive (used purely for music) and it's less than half full. I have over 160GB of space available on that drive.

Check if WMP or some other program that is keen on jpegs or mp3s is running at the same time.
Esp. wmp hurls itself at recently modified music tracks and tries to import them into its library.
Have a look at the task manager to find any background instances of wmp.